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About Us (IncrediFriends and Jaybit Versions)

Programming: J'Brian "jayther", pokeybit
Beta testers: aaaaajon, andreas002, b0tman, BillyJimBob, EMDF, Flip10, funky3000, jippiedoe, mattbob, nalyd8991, TNBM, WeeHeeHee, ZSNES
Preloader: EMDF (creation), J'Brian "jayther" (Box2D-AS3 conversion)
Main menu animation: High quality (original): Lojyk
Low quality (new): b0tman, EMDF, Flip10, TNBM, WeeHeeHee
Site creation and maintenance: EMDF (template by Grubby Games)
Tracker admins: EMDF, J'Brian "jayther"
Software credits: Adobe (flash), MantisBT (tracker), phpBB (forums), Phurix (über epic web host), Piwik (site statistics), Sourceforge (project hosting)
Guy who swears is listed too much: EMDF (I'm a multitasker, not an overachiever, honest!)
Special thanks: Our forum staff members, our forum regulars, anyone who filed bug reports or suggested new features, and the original Grubby Games crew, with a special shout out to Ryan Clark, Oliver Trujillo, Matt Parry, and Mike Lee for all the work they put into IncrediBots!
And a massive amount of credit goes to the amazing Box2D Physics Engine. Without Box2D, life would be meaningless!
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