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Cheat Engine Tutorial

Tutorial and images by EMDF
Last Updated: January 24, 2011


So you want to use Cheat Engine with IncrediBots. Perhaps you want to make something super fast, super strong, or just want to experiment. Whatever the reason, this guide will show you how to use Cheat Engine with IncrediBots, with screenshots taken in Windows XP showing how things are done. I will be using Cheat Engine 6.0 (a free memory editor) to modify values outside the built-in 1-30 range. Unfortunately, it is only

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Downloading, Extracting, and Installing

1. Download the IncrediBots CE source files from here, then extract the zip file to somewhere you can remember. Choose the latest version! (Currently 2.51 CE)

2. Download Cheat Engine from here, then install it. Choose the latest version! (currently 6.0)

Using Cheat Engine

3. Start Cheat Engine. It should look something like this:
Screenshot of Cheat Engine main screen

4. Now that it's started, click the button in red in the screenshot above (in the program, it will switch between red and green automatically). You should see something like this:
Screenshot of Cheat Engine Process List window

5. If you haven't already, start up IncrediBots in your browser of choice, EXCEPT for Chrome (unless you want a massive headache to follow). Once it's started, select the corresponding process from the Process List window and click "Open"
- Internet Explorer: iexplore.exe
- Firefox: plugin-container.exe (NOT firefox.exe)
- Opera: opera.exe
- Chrome: Select one of the chrome.exe processes at random and hope you get lucky (exactly why you shouldn't use Chrome for IB:CE)
- Any other browser: whatever it shows up as under Task Manager's Process tab (Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to view Task Manager)

6. Once you're in IncrediBots, click the shape or joint you want to modify. Click the input field of one of its properties and type in a working decimal value. For this tutorial, I'll modify a circle's density to be 12.34. It should look something like this:
Screenshot of IncrediBots with "12.34" entered into a circle's density field

7. Go back to Cheat Engine and type in the decimal value into the "Value:" field. Select "Double" for the value type unless you're modifying cannon strength, in which case select "Byte". Click "First Scan" (red box in the screenshot below).

NOTE: If you already clicked "First Scan", click "New Scan" and repeat this step.
Screenshot of Cheat Engine with "12.34" entered into the value field

8. You will now see a results list similar to this:
Screenshot of Cheat Engine result list, showing more than one match
Mine has more than one matching value, so I'm going to repeat steps 6 and 7, except I'll type in "23.45" instead of "12.34". Once you do, go back to Cheat Engine and look at the results. They should now look like this:
Screenshot of Cheat Engine result list, showing one changed value
Since there's only three results, and one of them matches the new value, double-click the match to put it in the "stored entries" table at the bottom of Cheat Engine.

NOTE: if you have a large amount of values and do not want to go through them all, type in the second value (in my case, "23.45") into the "Value" field and click "Next Scan". This will remove any results that do not match the new value, leaving you with only the results that match the right value.

You should see something like this in the bottom half of Cheat Engine:
Screenshot of Cheat Engine's "stored entries" table
Give the stored entry a useful description. For example, "circle weight density 1". To do this, double-click where it says "No description" and type in the new description.

9. Go back to IncrediBots and click the sky such that nothing is selected. Then, go back to Cheat Engine. To modify the value, go to the "saved entries" table at the bottom of Cheat Engine, find the value you saved, double-click on the value field, and type in your new value. For example, I changed the circle's density to 10,000 (but do NOT type in any commas -- only the decimal separator, if any).

10. Go back to IncrediBots, click Play, and have fun!

You can do all sorts of things with out-of-range values. For example, I made this lever, which started out perfectly level and balanced (it even stayed level during simulation when nothing was on it), but only got offset after putting a max-size, 30-density square and the 10,000-density circle on it:
Screenshot of what out-of-range values can do
TIP: All 1-30 ranges can be modified this way. However, some are not as visible as others. For example, a rotating joint with a speed of 1,000,000 will act as if it's a normal joint if it never reaches a speed of 30. To demonstrate this, try putting a max-size square on a fixated, large circle via a rotating joint. Use Cheat Engine to make its speed 10,000, but use IncrediBots to make its strength 30. Run the simulation and try to move the joint. Next, use Cheat Engine to make the strength 10,000 as well. Run the simulation again. Now use IncrediBots to make the joint's speed 30, run the simulation once more, and try to move the joint. Notice the massive difference.

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