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Comparison of Open Source Version vs. Jaybit Edition

Open Source Jaybit Edition
Preloader No Yes
Absence of outdated and unusable buttons No Yes
Shape counter No Yes
Low quality (higher performance) main menu animation No Yes
Bot / challenge progress
Importing and exporting of code Yes Yes
Loading and saving of files No Yes
Conversion between codes and files No Yes
Version check embedded in code / file, notifying user if the version is too old to use No Yes
Uneditable codes / files No Yes
Bugs and other issues
Loading creations unaffected by "camera zoom" bug No Yes
Saving creations always excludes "camera zoom" bug No Yes
Cursor never doubles or flickers No Yes
Cannonballs absent in non-replay saves No Yes
New features
Adjustable friction and restitution (bounciness) No Yes
Triggers No Yes
Update notification No Yes
Collision groups No Yes
Group property edit No Yes
Shape limit increased from 500 to 750 No Yes
Joint selection visualization No Yes
Holding "shift" when making rectangles creates squares No Yes
Holding "shift" when rotating "snaps" to 15° increments No Yes
Holding "ctrl" when using arrow keys scrolls faster No Yes
Holding "shift" snaps triangles to neat angles No Yes
Holding "shift" and "ctrl" makes equilateral triangles No Yes
Open Source Yes No
Cheat Engine supported Some [?]Open Source IncrediBots comes in two editions: CE and regular. The CE editions support Cheat Engine, while the regular versions do not support Cheat Engine No
Total Yes / Somewhat / No 2 / 1 / 24 25 / 0 / 2
Points (Yes = 2 pts, Somewhat = 1 pt, No = 0 pts)
  5 / 54
  50 / 54
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