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How to Request a New Feature

Tutorial and images by EMDF


So you've got an idea for a new feature. We'd love to hear it! But first, make sure we haven't already heard or added it. With as many feature requests as we have, it's easy to duplicate another user's request, even if you thought it was original. Not only this, but the process of requesting a feature is a little complicated. Don't panic, I'll walk you through each step of the way.

NOTE: You can link to specific steps or sections by clicking step numbers or headings and copy-pasting the URL in your address bar.

Pre-Request Steps

1. First, make sure your version is up-to-date. To do that, go here and click the appropriate folder: if you're requesting a feature for IncrediBots 1, click the "v1.x" folder; for IncrediBots 2, click the "v2.x" folder. Look at the highest version available and compare it to the version you have. To do this, run your version and look at the bottom-right corner of the screen for the version number. It should say "Jaybit (IncrediFriends): Version x.xx", where "x" is the version number.

IMPORTANT: if no mention of "Jaybit" is made, and the version isn't 2.22 or 1.11 (the last IncrediBots versions at the time it went open source), STOP, and go back to the website you obtained the IncrediBots files from -- we do not support the version you're running, and will not accept any feature requests for it. If your version is 2.22, 1.11, or mentions "Jaybit", you may proceed.

Compare your version number to the highest version number listed on Sourceforge. If they are different, go here and download the highest version number to get both IncrediBots 1 and IncrediBots 2. Extract the files, run them, and search for the feature you want to request. Note that it may be hidden in a menu option or an in-game window. If you find it, then do not proceed further; your feature has already been added. If you do not find it, and are sure it doesn't exist in that version, then you may proceed to step 2.

2. Go to the official IncrediBots Feature Request Tracker here. It should look similar to this:
Screenshot of MantisBT feature request tracker
Look at all submitted feature requests to see if there are any that are close to what you're reporting.

3. If the feature request you're looking to add is listed by someone else, read the feature request itself and any comments to see what the status is. Do NOT create a new feature request, as it will only be marked as a duplicate. The "Resolution (Detailed)" (the red box in the screenshot below) usually indicates accurately what the current status of the feature request is. If it has no resolution, read the comments (displayed near the bottom of the page) to get a good idea of what's happening with it. ONLY POST A COMMENT IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING USEFUL TO ADD! Saying "I want this feature too" doesn't help unless you provide alternative, optional, or additional parts of the feature request, or provide more details of what the feature request is than other users have provided.
Screenshot of an entry in the MantisBT feature request tracker, highlighting the "Resolution (Detailed)" field in red

Submitting a New Feature Request

4. If you have the most up-to-date version of IncrediBots: Jaybit Edition, the feature you want to request does not exist in any of the major versions, and no one else has posted a similar feature request, then you're all set to post a feature request! To do this, you'll need to be logged in. If you haven't already, register an account at . Log in to your account, and then you will be allowed to post in the Feature Request Tracker. NOTE: please follow any and all rules prior to, during, and after registering. We are not responsible nor liable for your conduct on .

Now that you know your feature request is original, click the "Report Issue" link in the gray bar at the top (the red box in the screenshot below).
Screenshot of MantisBT's "Report Issue" link

5. Fill out the information required to create a feature request. Provide a detailed explanation of what the feature request is and how it works. If there is not enough information given, we will not be able to determine what is being requested and will not add it, so be as detailed as you can. If it looks too long, provide a short summary in the beginning, then go into further detail in the "additional information" section. Please select a type of feature request in the "Category" field according to the chart below, select the applicable versions in the "Product Version" field, select "N/A" for the "Reproducibility" field, and select "feature" for the "Severity" field.

Category types (prefixed by "Features -")

- Gameplay improvements

Used for improving aspects of actual gameplay, such as multiplayer/co-op mode

- Interface improvements

Used for improving the user interface, such as replay playback controls

- New bot feature (e.g. density)

Used for new attributes of a robot, such as adjustable friction

- New robot parts (e.g. cannons)

Used for new parts to a robot, such as ropes and bungee cords

- Visual improvements

Used for improving the visual look in an area other than the user interface, such as gradient shapes

- Other

Used if your feature request does not fit into any category above. If the feature request fits into multiple categories besides Other, select the most relevant one. For example, water/buoyancy would be considered a New bot feature, even though it can also be classified as a Gameplay improvement

It should look like this when you are done:
Screenshot of MantisBT's "Report Issue" screen

6. Click the "Submit Report" button

7. Your feature request has now been submitted! If you monitor the feature request, you will receive emails when it is updated, either by comments or by a change of status. When you receive an email about your feature request, please follow the link in your email and view the updated feature request. If we need anything further from you, we'll use the comments section of your feature request. We cannot add a feature with inadequate information, so please remain updated on the feature request until it is resolved.

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